Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Post: About me

I have decided to start a blog. I don't care if other people read this or not, but my hope is that maybe someone out there has a problem similar to mine and is helped by my journey. 

I am 25 and have had PCOS since I was a teen. I knew something was wrong after I got my first period and never got another one. After more than a year of wondering when it would come, I went to the gynecologist and got a Provera perscription. I took it and nothing. Then I got another Provera script.  Nothing again.  This is apparently unusual. Then I got my first perscription of Birth Control Pills. And then about 10 years went by with perfect, medically induced bleeding.  

During those 10 years I finished high school, college, grad school, got married and bought a house. Ok so there were a couple of important events along the way which I shall add in the next couple of posts. But for now, that is the gist of my life up until this year.

This year me and my DH decided we wanted to start trying. Selfishly, I don't really want a baby right now... I like my freedom. But, selfishly, I fell in love with the dream of my own baby a while ago. Once you fall in love with something like that you want to make it happen. No matter how much you try to put it out of your mind, it is always there, breaking you heart because your worried it won't ever happen.  

So currently, I am just starting down the infertility road, but really I've been on it since I was 14. I have my first appointment with a Reporductive Endocrinologist in a week or so and I want to chronicle this journey.  

The next couple of entries will be about my key events in my life that, I think, help tell my infertility story.  

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Erica said...

I've just found your blog and am eager to catch up! I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and its been a difficult and painful past few weeks. I suppose I could have had it since I was a teen though.... just never knew because I was put on birth control pills very young. I know one thing, I'm never taking them again!