Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ask me about my Cholesterol!

Ok, impatient me, I called the RE's office today, unable to wait any longer. Their nurse called me back and gave me the numbers.

First, I have excellent cholesterol (IMO). Total 160 (<200 ideal) and HDL and LDL were good too. Triglycerides were absolutely freakin fantastic. This is where I advocate a vegetarian diet and eating oatmeal (made with light vanilla soymilk, ground flaxseed, and sweetened with sugar free strawberry perserves, mmmm...) everyday.

My 2hr GTT was good and bad. The good, I don't have diabetes. The bad, I, like most other women with PCOS, have insulin resistance. I predict a metformin script in my future.

Ok, but now, I can't start the prometrium until Dr. C looks at all of my labs (well look at them already!). And now there's talk that I will have to have a consult before he will give me any scripts and then I may have to have a day 1 ultrasound before starting clomid. We didn't discuss any of this at the first appointment!? Infact, I specifically asked him about monitoring and he said he didn't think we would have to do any at this point. Oh, and they might not let me on clomid until I've been on metformin for 3 months now (I knew that going in too, but he never acted like that would be a problem and I would be able to start clomid regardless).

Ok people, one of the reasons I was so happy after my first RE appointment was that I thought I would be poppin clomid in 2 or 3 weeks... now it sounds like I'll be lucky if I get to before next year.

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