Monday, October 6, 2008

First visit to RE

Made the first visit to Dr. C. I have to say that overall, the appt went very well. Most noteably, I didn't cry and I felt better about my chances... hope is good. Oh, and at no point did he tell me to "relax." 

DH went with me. Wasn't entirely sure if he should go since PCOS is really more my problem. Good thing DH went, cause he needs to give a sample. I'm not sure he would have believed me if I had come home and told him he would need to do it in a cup. I wouldn't joke about some thing like that on even numbered days of the month. 

I'm now setup for some blood work, will induce a period with prometrium (instead of Provera) and then probably clomid (shocker!). He was pretty vauge on whether he would put me on metformin or not. I suppose that depends on the blood work as well. 

And I just got a call from Dr. C (right now... like 30 sec ago) we had kind of agrued in the office whether they had recieved some blood work or not from my primary care provider. He went back through my file since I left and it was there (Amazing!). I knew it was, I called last week and went through the all the records with the assistant and she told me it was there. Well, this is a positive thing for two reasons 1) I don't have to have that test repeated (although I still need my blood drawn for other reasons, at least my insurance won't get billed for the same test twice in 2 months), and 2) Dr. C called me personally and let me know it was there which means that A. He cared enough to look (or at least want to prove that he was right to himself) and B. He admitted he was wrong in a way- it's ok to make a minor mistake now then and it's good to admit that. 

One of my favorite parts of the appointment was that when we discussed my future ex-gynecologist (Dr. N) he seemed to understand why I wasn't happy with her. After telling him that she wasn't helpful he asked "Well, did she know you were trying to get pregnant?" Me: "Oh yeah! That was the whole point of the appointment and I specifically wanted to come up with some sort of game plan to get me ovulating." I don't think he was impressed. He also sided with my last gynecologist (before Dr. N) that I should try to get pregnant directly off the pill rather than waiting 3 months like my Dr. N suggested... of course he also trained my last gynecologist (he didn't know that yet at this point in the conversation). He put it this way, if I have developed and produced an egg naturally then my lining should have developed well enough to support it. 

What's more, he didn't make me feel bad for coming there or like I was in the wrong place since I hadn't tried to get pregnant for a year. I think he had the same thoughts I had concerning that matter: I'm anovulatory, we don't know what my cycles are like since I've been on the pill since I was young, and I need help.

Ok, so here's hoping. I get blood work done next Monday. Then let's say I start prometrium on Sunday... that should give me a period at least by early November (here's hoping that worked)... that would put me ovulating about mid November... positive HPT end of November/early December and that would make make a Christmas pregnancy announcement possible and a mid August birth... awesome. Alright, now to just stick to the plan.  

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