Sunday, October 5, 2008

Geriatric Cat and Lady

Update on Muffy and my Grandma.

Muffy's rush blood work on Thursady was pretty good. Her t4 was 1.8 which is pretty good. Her BUN was 34 which is just over the normal range (10-30) and her Creatnine was 2 which is just inside the normal range (1.3-2.1). That's pretty good. I think part of her weight issue might have been from being off any medication for 2 weeks then starting back up. She may have needed to build up a level and that might have taken several day (she has only been back on the meds for 2 weeks). Anyhow, I weighed her this morning and it looked like 7.3 lbs.

Grandma is the pitts. She is mopey and wants to punish the world for her problems. Spent all Saturday watching her. She is going to have to be moved from assisted living to the nursing home unless she really starts to work at it. With the attitude she has, I say move her over there. I'm sympathetic to her issues, but is she insists on acting like she can't do the assisted living then why should we keep her over there when it just causes us trouble? Why should we break our backs to help her when she won't lift a finger for herself?

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