Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Giving up the simple pleasures in life when TTC

The hardest thing I'm trying to change in my life concerning the TTC process and (eventually) the gestating process is the removal of my beloved old friend, Caffeine. And let me say for the record, I don't have more than a cup of coffee on a regular day, some soda, and perhaps some other small sources of the good stuff (chocolate) so you would think this would be easy for me. Except, I determined long ago the exact amount of caffeine necessary for me to function as a human and that's exactly how much I consume in a regular day to make sure I respond to additional inputs of caffeine when necessary (in other words, I make sure the car responds when I push down on the gas pedal). 

First it was my morning coffee... I made the switch to decaff. I tend to be much more productive when hyped up on caffeine (I would have never finished grad school without it). So since giving up caffeine I have turned into a gray blob of uselessness at work. But I had a savior, the afternoon Diet Pepsi!

Oh how I loved my daily diet soda (not POP). But then I thought, I had better get serious about this and learn to live without the sweet carmel colored nectar that gave me life in the afternoons. But then I decided to give myself a small reprieve and allow a cup of caffeinated green tea daily. 

Supposedly their may (or may not) be a benefit to green tea when TTC and since the caffeine is pretty trival I thought I would allow it. However, I don't really like green tea, and what's more, (TMI) it gives me gas... uncomfortable keep me awake at night gas. Not cool.

So now I've got some fancy white tea that doesn't seem to bother me much (it also doesn't taste much).  You might was well just push me in a hole and bury me, cause I'm so tired that I might as well be dead.

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