Monday, October 13, 2008

Hope the Vampires like Glucola

I have been reading the A Little Pregnant blog for a couple of weeks now (still trying to catch up on the last couple years). Well, I was delighted to see that Julie (pronounced in the French way) got to take a GTT (glucose tolerance test) today too. Her account is much more fun to read than mine. 

This is my second GTT. Last one was circa 2002. I was much thinner then and had really good results. Here's hoping for a repeat.

I worked most of the time (I had a 2 hr test) on a cross-stitch for my brother's baby (due eminently). Nothing like sitting in an RE waiting room stitching baby blocks and teddy bears. I'm sure I a got a couple of odd looks, I was just to busy to notice. 

I also got to help train a new phlebotomist, Jon. I learned that drawing blood from the forearms of older women often causes vein collapse. Luckily, Jon was just observing today and did not get the pleasure of piercing my crappy veins. 

Also, DH gave his "specimen"... no issues there that we know. He didn't want to talk about it. I'm not going to push him any further outside of his comfort zone today.

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