Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Baby, Muffy

I love my husband but he has some serious competition for the No. 1 Love in my life.  My other true love is my cat, Muffy.  

Muffy was an unplanned pregnancy from my sister's cat, Tinker. After much begging of my mother, I was allowed a cute tabby kitten. That was a long time ago. I was only 7 when we got Muffy. We already had a cat, Spot, and he took to Muffy and was always very affectionate. Perhaps too affectionate, although both were neutered, Spot tried to get it on with Muffy on several occasions. I don't think Muffy cared for that.

Spot never came home one day and after a period of denial and mourning we got with being a single cat household. But then, our hair dresser's cat had a litter, and me and my brother begged my mom again. We won in the end of course and then we had Sox. I think the day we brought Sox home was the worst day of Muffy's life.

Sox and Muffy never got along. Sox thoroughly enjoyed pissing Muffy off as often as she could. That's why after I finished my undergrad and got my own apartment I took Muffy away to live with me so that she could be an 'only cat' again. She was already 14 by then and needed a less stressful life.

Since then, Muffy has had some health ups and downs. She has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease and Hyperthyroidism. She takes 5mg of Tapazole twice daily to treat they hyperthyroidism and her coat has improved and she seems to be maintianing her weight. She was on Science Diet canned k/d food, but since starting Tapazole she refuses to eat it, so we just feed her what ever she will eat inorder to keep her weight up. I love Muffy, and every day I have with her is worth it. 

Muffy likes to get into bed every morning about 4:30 and try to wake me up and get me to feed her. I refuse to feed her food that early, but her early morning wake up is a good time for me to take my temp and she is a pretty consistent alarm clock. It's nice to see Muffy so concerned about my bbt.  As I lay there half asleep, trying to keep the thermometer in my mouth, Muffy sees it as something to rub the sides of her face on and so I have to hold it so she doesn't knock it out of my mouth.

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