Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not the phone call I was waiting for

I have been getting excited when my phone rings lately. I've been impatiently waiting on the results of yesterday's bloodwork. Well, I just got a call, from my mom. My best friend's dad died. 

I am an asshole. I don't maintain relationships very well when work is required. I haven't talked to my "best" friend in a long time. Apparently he had a quick battle with cancer. If I had talked to my friend in the last couple of months I might have known that. Of course, if I had talked with her in the last year, that might have helped too. I'm a lazy, shitty, friend.

My friend, her parents were the cool parents. Her house was the cool house. I have always envied my friend for those reasons. Today none of that matters. But, Jim, was a great dad by every measure. He is missed.

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