Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some kind of Waiting Week(s)

Well, I'm in a *special* WW. This WW is (probably) longer and far less coveted than the 2WW.

I am waiting to finish my prometrium-that will end on Tuesday next week. Then I'm waiting for aunt flow. It could take 2 weeks for her to show her ugly, although welcomed, head.

Like a true TTC novice, I am still optimistic that some miracle has happened and I O'd and then another miracle happened and my and DH's gametes met mine at the right location at the right time and the fertilized egg implanted in my hopefully acceptable lining (I'm sure it's shag carpet by now).

If I did O and their wasn't an intervention by God, then I will expect AF around the 30th... uh, now that shag carpet metaphor is just gross.

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