Thursday, October 30, 2008

Status Update: Goodbye Dr. N

Future ex-gynecologist is now ex-gynecologist.

I signed a med records request on July 21st of this year that my gynecologist's office just sent to an old gynecologist's office (Dr. B if you're keeping up). Dr. B's office called me confused so I had to call the current gynecologist's office and tell them I had already given them everything they needed and they don't need to do anymore requests (especially ones that are 3 months old).

But while fixing this med record request snaffu I also changed from Dr. N to new Dr. L. My SIL is pg and due to pop anytime now and recommends her (and she was recommended to SIL by several friends). And while talking to the med record gal I mentioned how unhappy I was with Dr. N and how uncaring she was and how she made me cry. She ENCOURAGED me to file a complaint with the clinic manager and said that I would probably be much happier with Dr. L. Dr. L is apparently highly praised by many.

Imagining complaint: She wouldn't help an anovulatory, PCOS patient with undiagnosed insulin resistance get pregnant. I think I might have a legitimate complaint here. Oh... I love that warm and fuzzy feelings that come from complaining to management. I will have to layout my thoughts well. Good thing I wrote 5 page mock "Dear Dr. N... I hate you" letter months ago. That will help me to relive the pain needed to inject the proper amount of agnst in my complaint.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! Good for you for complaining! I mean obviously I don't just encourage it all the time or anything...but in this case, good for you! :)