Sunday, October 19, 2008

You have got to be kidding me!

Ok, I usually refrain from using this phrase, but I just experienced the "Perfect Storm" of TTC crap. It has been about 3 mos since my last period and between last night and this morning my body, husband, cat, and thermometer have all conspired to mess with me.

Yesterday, me and DH went to his brother's to celebrate some family birthdays. It's about a 2 hour drive over there and we didn't get back till about 10:30 pm. While on the way home, my right ovary started giving me some trouble. And all I could think was, "Hmmm, this reminds me of the pain I had in Jan. when I o'd." But by the time we got closer to home, I had some "lower abdominal cramping" and when I got home those abdominal cramps manifested themselves in to a long bathroom visit. And then I felt much better and thought I must have been mistaken about the ovary pains.

Now, I must explain my BBT technique. I don't take my temp at the same time every morning. No, I take my temp whenever the cat wakes me up in the middle of the night (usually about 4 am). I will make sure I have been asleep for at least 3 hours and take it. I have a digital BBT thermometer that stores the temp for me until I am awake enough to care what it says. That system has worked fine for me... except last night some things happened that might have thrown off my normal schedule. First, didn't get to sleep until at least 11:00 pm (much later than normal). Then my DH tried to steal the covers several times. So in reclaiming what was rightfully mine, I had to wiggle about some. But I can tell you for sure, I had already reclaimed the covers from him once and went back to sleep knowing I had moved too much. Then when the cat came in I took my temp before taking the covers back for a second time. I also didn't not check to see what time it was, the cat has been coming in earlier lately.

And then I slept in this morning. Oh wait, no, I actually got up a 5:30, collected my FMU and took a HPT (negative, like I expected) and took the covers back for a third time. Then, I woke up again about 10:00 and shoved my first prometrium up my hoo-ha (that's why I had to do the hpt this morning). Then got up and saw my temp and thought, WTF!

My temp was high, a lot higher than it normally is. My method may not be perfect, but I have gotten very consistent results with it. This is the only high temp I have gotten in the 25 days I have been checking. Trust me, it's a spike. So did I O, or was it just some wiggling, possibly earlier in the night than normal? I really think it's a high temp. I wiggle plenty (my husband is a blanket hog and I'm always fighting him for it). Over the last 25 days I have had plenty of potential BBT disturbances, but this is the first truly high temp I've recorded.

And now I'm on the prometrium so my temp should stay high because of that regardless of whether I actually O'd or not. There is no way to tell unless I get pregnant (we did have sex yesterday morning, and no, the prometrium should not be harmful to a fetus, incase you were wondering). I will say this, CM didn't appear to be favorable for O'ing, but I haven't really been checking since I wasn't expecting to O. And OPK's have all been negative (although I have a really bad technique for when I do those too). So, in reality I probably didn't O, but I have to wonder. Stranger things have happened.

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