Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Cabinet

I have a completely empty cabinet in my kitchen. It's good real estate, right next to the microwave between the sink and the stove.

We moved into our house almost 2 years ago. As I unpacked the dishes and made room for every coffee mug and even cookie cutters, I left one cabinet empty.

My husband occasionally tries to get me to put something in it, and I say no. Why? Because it's the baby cabinet. It's the place that I plan on storing bottles, sippy cups, breast pump stuff and special unbreakable kiddy plates.

Before my parents came over the other day I was looking for a place to store the Robitussin. I didn't want them to ask questions. After thinking about it, I decided that the baby cabinet was appropriate.

But otherwise, the baby cabinet sits empty. The day I start filling that cabinet with other stuff is the day I give up.

1 comment:

Kitty said...

I love your baby cabinet mission! Stay with it and don't fill it with other stuff. You will get to fill it with baby stuff soon! I also love your cat story about your cat laying on your husband's balls. That made me laugh! We have 2 cats and one always lays on my husband. :)
Best to you and BFP dust to all of us!