Friday, November 28, 2008

Belated Thanksgiving Post

I didn't get a chance to post on Thanksgiving cause I was so dang tired. Here's one reason why:

I mentioned that I was making this for my brother's kid a before, but I had procrastinated on finishing it. So I stayed up till about 2 the night before Thanksgiving doing the alpha bit and numbers and spray painting the frame red (it was black).

Then I had to get up early on Thanksgiving morning to bake a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. After I got the second in the oven, I went back to work on the sampler and finished Barrett's name and birthday and a couple of the strings on the balloons and that was it other than putting in the frame. Of course, by that time we were suppose to have left for my parents house already so I rushed to do my hair and makeup and we got out the door.

Then when we got to my parents house, there was apparently no need to rush, my sister and her husband were at his family's Thanksgiving and my brother and his wife were doing the same (I have another brother and he and his family weren't coming). So I helped peel potatoes and stir gravey.

My grandma was there. We think she has another UTI. UTIs really slow her down physically and mentally and she slept in the chair almost the whole day.

The one thing that REALLY annoyed me at my parent's house was a very old u/s of Barrett stuck on the fridge. I think it was the 3 month u/s and given that the kid has been born, it seems like that doesn't need to be on the fridge anymore. I couldn't help but wonder, "If I give my parents a u/s of my fugly ovaries will they put them on the fridge too?" I'm really happy for my brother and his wife, but that u/s just got to me. But the victory is that no matter how mad staring at the picture made me, I managed to avoid telling my mom my thoughts about it and starting a fight over it. Pat on the back for me. I usually can't resist the chance to fight with my mother.

I was kinda upset about dinner. My mom knows I don't eat gelatin or marshmallows and she really didn't have anything for me to eat other than mashed potatoes green bean casserole (ick), but she had 2 types of jello salads! How about a real vegetable like broccoli or some good squash? No. My parent's don't eat vegetable unless they are deep fried and come from a drive thru. She also baked a couple desserts but still asked me to bring pies. I wish she wouldn't do that. I got up early to make desserts please so don't also make 2 jello salads (if there's cool whip on it, I consider it a dessert), apple cake, and pumpkin squares. But again, I managed keep my mouth shut and didn't fight with my mom. That deserves some pie.

Eventually everyone showed up and we ate. I'm thankful for my family, cat, and all great stuff in my life that I take for granted all the time. I'd sure miss it if it wasn't there.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so beautiful and intricate. How long did that take you?

Sorry about the u/s picture on the refrigerator. That would annoy me too. It was very mature of you not to fight with your mother about it. I do not think I could resist!

I meant to respond to your question about the tofurky a while ago. I like it, and my husband really likes it. His meat eating parents ate it without gagging the last two years. I really like the gravy that comes with it. I can't say it really tastes like meat, since I haven't eaten real turkey in twenty years. I know you said you aren't big on the fake meats, so you may or may not like it, and it is kind of expensive.

I think I like the idea of the tofurkey a little more than I actually really like eating it. I mean, it's good, and I eat it and enjoy it. But to me, the idea that you can have a main dish vegan alternative to killing a turkey, and it's protein, and is more than just the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, is very exciting. And, we found our tofurky on sale, so we bought two.

I did find a recipe for kind of do it yourself tofurky:

I should also mention that I like the Tofurky deli slices, though they are different tasting than the roast.