Friday, November 7, 2008

CD 7 Update

Well, what a week. I stopped back by the hospital yesterday and got a chance to hold my nephew. He really is beautiful. I had to hold back the tears (of happiness). He's the youngest baby I've ever held and I love holding newborns.

On my own fertility front, my BBT was crazy this week. I will have to post a chart later, but basically at the start of AF it was down in the low 97's which is apparently normal FP temp for me. But then, on Sunday or Monday my temp "skyrocketed" to very nearly my LP temps. But it wasn't just one temp, all of my temps since Sunday through Thursday were in the LP range (and very consistent). Finally, this morning I got a 97.3 and am back where I should be.

I can't blame it on the clomid since I didn't start it till Monday night. I didn't do anything diff temp wise. Infact, I took it twice a night after my spike just to make sure (Once in the middle of the night and again at waking time and the waking temps were all practically 98.6). I even took a HPT while on the rag just to make sure again. (How do you know you're a POAS addict? You POAS 3 days into AF).

All I have left to assume is that the time change REALLY wacked out my temps. I want to call the RE but I doubt that they will have any thing to tell me that will help.

It's just weird. Temps are not suppose to do that during AF or the FP in general. I even had a US the other day, so I know nothing was hanging around that shouldn't.

About Clomid, last pill tonight. Very few side effects... just some headaches, and I feel hungry all the time (don't know if that's from the clomid or not). Got some tussin, ready to go.

Oh, and one last thing, AF was short and light, even shorter and lighter than I normally have on the pill. It wasn't a full 5 days. It just seems like it should have been worse because I haven't had one in so long. Of course, I remember my first AF on the pill after not having one in nearly 2 years wasn't much either. I wonder if the metformin is to blame (or thank) here.

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