Sunday, November 30, 2008


Oh, totally got yesterday's post wrong. I didn't have 2.5 days of prometrium left, no I had 3.5 days left!!!

Now, I have 2.5 days left. This sucks.

On a happier note, I saw one of my coworkers last night at church. I haven't seen him in several days because he was in a really terrible car accident. Some guy tried to cross the 70 mph highway in front of him (this is a fully accessible highway with on-grade entrances, i.e. dangerous). My coworker struck the guy broadside and rolled the company's truck (he was on work business). The guy that tried to cross the highway died. My coworker fared pretty well considering. He hurt his leg and broke his knee cap.

I attend the same church as my coworker and after the service I went over and talked to him. I just about couldn't keep it together. He was there with his wife and two little girls. I was very happy to be talking with him in the back of the church rather than observing him in a box in the front of church. I'm very thankful for that.

There was also a baptism at church last night. An Addison Marie was baptized (any guess how many other Addisons are going to be in her kindergarten class? At least they didn't name her Maddison or Emma). The whole church said "Ahhhh!" when she squirmed as the water was being poured on her head.

I go to a Catholic church. We baptize after the homily and before the preparation of the Eucharist. Somewhere in there are the General Intercessions/Prayer of the Faithful. At my church they always try to be relevant with the prayers so last night there was a prayer for the Mumbai terrorism victims and their families. And then, because we had a baptism there was a prayer for all the new parents out there.

How about a prayer for all the couples dealing with infertility and having difficulty starting their families? That would have fit nicely. I need to have a talk with my priest. Maybe he'll anoint me... anointing of the sick. You don't have to be on your death bed to get that sacrament. Does infertility count as a sickness?

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