Saturday, November 15, 2008

I knew it!

The cat IS conspiring against me. My cat has a few preferred places to lay:
My lap
My chest (when lying down)
In her basket
The foot of the bed
In the sunlight on the floor
Top of the couch
Her nook on the bookshelf in the office
and... DH's balls.

Yes that's right. It never bothered me before, but I got out of the shower this morning and she was on his balls. Now when I say "on his balls" I mean that he's clothed appropriately (sleep shorts) and is covered with blankets and she likes to lay on top of the covers on his legs, her head forward towards his head with her chest perfectly positioned where his genitalia is located.

Every IFer knows that it's important that the boys don't get to toasty warm and DH has a good count so we are not too worried about that stuff normally... but I am concerned about her spending too much time there. She's a great heating pad. In fact, she goes by the nick name "Coma Kitty" for her ability to lure in and knock her victims unconscious with soothing warmth and rhythmic purring.

Anyhow, I tried to reposition her so that she was not directly on top of the critical zone and I just couldn't get her to stop going back to it. Someone does not want a little brother or sister.


The Wife said...

Aren't pets just weird? Our dog use to try to smother DH every morning to get him to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Ha, that is hilarious. Our new kitten has also decided that my husband's crotch makes the best cushion on the bed. We have morphology issues, so it is a legitimate concern of mine.

Anonymous said...

By the way, how is Muffy doing? You probably already know this, but chicken baby food (Gerber, stage 2) is great for sick kitties. It smells like ass, but it is appealing to cats with poor appetites. I bought cases of the stuff for my old cat that had cancer. It kept him alive and eating and happy for at least a few extra months.

Celia said...

Another vote for the chicken baby food. I also had some success with kitten milk.

Our 18 pound ball o'fat kitty loves to step on, sit on, sleep on and in general smother my husbands goods.

He is relentless.