Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm a 10 :(

Well, my visit to the RE's office ended today how I figured it would (but hoped it wouldn't). After all that commotion coming from my left ovary it had nothing, but my right had 2 follicles at 10mm. My right ovary gave me a few feelings, but not nearly as much as the left. However, my lining was great, also at a 10 (yippee?). But it doesn't really matter... this cycle is a bust. At this point in my cycle it is highly unlikely that I will get either of those follicles to mature and ovulate.

But I don't feel like my $85 u/s today was a waste, no I'm actually glad I went. We know how my body responded to this dosage beyond that I did or didn't ovulate, and we will definitely be increasing next cycle. I'm more optimistic that something will come out of a higher dosage since there was some response. And, the $85 is a wash because the nurse said that I won't need to come in for a baseline u/s (which would cost me the same) since I only had the 2 tiny follicles. No real worries about cysts here.

And we know that I'm not going to O and I am working on getting them to let me start my prometrium before the "normal end of my cycle" what ever the heck that is. So hopefully they will let me start the prometrium next week instead of waiting till after CD28.

If I didn't go and see that my follicles were so puny, I probably would have waited around till CD35 or something and not been on to my next cycle till Christmas or later. Now, I can get on with it.

I also inquired about having an HSG done next cycle. I've more than met my deductible this year and might as well go ahead and do it since it's covered by my insurance. But once again, the timing might be a little tricky with the holiday coming up. If I don't get the next cycle going soon, the critical HSG time frame might hit when we are visiting DH's family 5 hours away from here. (However, the flip side of this is that some BDing might have to take place at the inlaws *blushes* we've never had sex at DH's parent's house. There isn't much privacy.)

I was surprised to learn that my RE likes to do the HSG himself. I think that's pretty good since I don't think all RE's do that. And, I have learned from Dr. Licciardi's blog the importance of making sure that your RE at least looks at you film himself rather than just reading a radiologist report.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that this cycle is a bust. It sounds like you are handling it well. I hope they do let you start the prometrium soon, and that you can get another cycle in before Christmas. The waiting is so hard, and not being able to look ahead and plan when things would happen drives me crazy. Hang in there.