Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm not superstitutious ;)

The power is mine. I have my prometrium, clomid, and the antibiotics for my HSG already. They told me I could start the prometrium when ever I want. I had already worked out a couple of different schedules for planning my HSG.

Here are my ASSumptions:
Prometrium for 10 days
Get AF 4th day after finishing prometrium
AF lasts 5 days followed by 2 days of spotting
HSG must be done on or between days 7 and 12 and spotting must have stopped
HSG best on Mon thru Thurs (RE not available on Fri)
I will ovulate

So the schedule that works out the best (if everything goes to plan... which is probably unlikely) is to start the prometrium this Sunday and I will have Dec 15-17 to get my HSG done and be well clear of any remnants of AF.

But we all know that all the planning in the world won't matter when I start AF 7 days into to my prometrium and then AF only lasts 4 days, etc....

And I can't seem to ignore an alternative schedule I labeled "Superstitutious Plan." By this plan (same ASSumptions), I start the prometrium today, get AF going on Dec the 4th (CD1) and if I managed to ovulate "on time" on CD14 that would be Dec 17th which is our 3 year wedding anniversary. Cool huh... but it doesn't end there. If the fertilized egg takes 6-8 days to implant, then it could be implanting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. And my birthday (the 30th) is then 13DPO which is prime POAS time. And to top it all off, I would be darn close to an EDD of 9/9/09 (if I actually got pregnant of course). So you can see why I call it the superstitutious plan.

The down side to that plan is that Dec 15 (which is also the day that I graduated from grad school) would probably be the only "prime" day for the HSG and that's a little risky to me.

Anyhow, I have chosen the other plan, because I don't think any of my planning counts for squat and it will probably get messed up... so when it messes up, maybe we will end up making a baby for our anniversary. You just can't plan these things.

Wish me luck.

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The Wife said...

Good luck and I hope the timing all works out. If I get KU this round then I'll POAS on my birthday too!