Monday, December 1, 2008

My Christmas List

My brother in law maintains the family Gift List Blog. Everyone posts their wish lists for Christmas and checks out what everyone else wants. This is extremely helpful and makes everyone's life a little easier. Plus, you are highly likely to get what you want.

So I need to get a list up. But I can't think of anything. Normally their is tons of stuff I've thought of by now. This year all I can think up are some gift cards. But then, today, I was thinking and their is plenty of stuff I want:

OPKs (Answer or Clearblue)
HPTs (Any kind except +/- tests)
Prometrium (100 mg)
Tampons (Tampax compact pearls)
Muscenix 12hour extended release
Prenatal Vitamins
Martek "life's DHA" Omega-3 supplements
Massage gift certificates
Acupuncture gift certificates
$$$ (saving for more expensive treatment)
Magic 8 Ball

What a Merry Christmas I'll have.


emilythehopeless said...

hehe awesome gift ideas!

April said...

ha ha ha. i love this list!!!

Celia said...

Do not forget deluxe chocolates and premium ice cream for BFN consolation prizes.

Actually my consolation snack is a bag of Fritos, maybe I could ask for a case?

Amanda said...

Mmmm... just finishing a piece of chocolate now.

Actually, I eat ice cream while my cycle still looks promising. That Time Fertility Diet article from a while ago advocated eating full fat dairy for fertility. So I enjoy a small serving a couple times a week.

My consolation prize is liquor.

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas list! I should put something like that together for my in laws. For my birthday last month they kept asking what I wanted, and what I really wanted was boxes and boxes of 3 pack First Response Early Results, to feed my pee on a stick addiction. If they (and my husband) knew how much I've spent on HPTs in the past year, they would be horrified. I may be able to suggest massage gift certificates.