Sunday, November 9, 2008


This weekend was pretty good. And here's why:
1. I didn't go to work at all (although I did work till 8pm on Friday).
2. I cleaned my house on Saturday.
3. Made a pumpkin pie.
4. Me, DH, and my parents went to my alma mater's football game. I offered to take my parents to a game for my mom's birthday. It was cold, and my mom was kinda whiny, but, we won! Up another spot on the BCS rankings till we get killed in the conference title bowl.
5. Took a nap.
6. Watched a Netfilx movie (kinda behind on the que).
7. I made a new batch of sofrito. I add it to black beans and anything else I feel like. I make a ton and freeze it. As you can see, 6 ice cube trays is only about half a batch. God I love this stuff. Oh, I cannot wait to make some beans.

A very productive weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I love sofrito, too. It's sooo delicious I make mines in batches and freeze it in 8oz containers.