Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Update Time

My RE's receptionist called me this morning (since I left a voice mail for someone to call me first thing today), but unfortunately the nurse and ultrasound tech were having a hard time getting in (due to the weather) and she couldn't find Dr. C. I told her that my temp had not shifted yet, but was still interested in a u/s before the HSG and to pass that along as soon as she could get someone. I also told her I had another appt. until 10 (HSG at 10:30) so it would be tight getting me in there.

Right before the acupuncture appt the receptionist called me back and said that I could come do the u/s as soon as my other appt was finished. So me and DH cautiously boogied on over there after the acupuncture since the roads were still a little slick. Got in, and I felt really special because the u/s tech apparently never made it in, so Dr. C himself gave me the u/s.

So, I kept thinking, I'm really silly, sitting here at CD10 right before an HSG getting a u/s done. This is a waste and I've screwed up other people's schedules too.

Well as soon as the probe got in there, we all saw it... a big fat follicle measuring 29mm on my left ovary. I think we were all a little surprised, but it looks good and were very optimistic at this point. We discussed triggering and decided against it. We also decided not to do the HSG since it was so large.

He and the nurse took a look at my OPKs and agreed that they looked positive. And, I felt vindicated because he said that there is no reason that clomid should cause a false positive and I had a fight with a "Clomid Diva" that insisted it did on the WebMD boards last cycle.

I got home and did another OPK and it appears that the surge is over, so hopefully I will O very soon. Dr. C wanted me to get my progesterone done a week after I O and since I may be out of town he gave me a script for it.

But can you believe it? A 29mm follicle on CD10! I'm a little scared that it could become a cyst, but let's hope it's for real and everything goes right.

I'm sure some of you are wondering about the acupuncture. He stuck a dozen or so needles in me and let me lie there for about a half hour and put a heater over my abdomen. It was relaxing and I felt somewhat calmer afterwards. In case you were wondering, you can't really feel the needles... maybe just a slight tingling.

With the holidays coming up we decided to do a full fertility session in January (today's was more relaxation oriented). Apparently I need to go 2x a week for 3 weeks... or was it 2x a week for 6... I can't remember... too much stuff today.


kMo said...

I'M SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! I hope everything works out and that your ovaries release that big sucker! Lots of baby dust and have fun these next few nights ;)!!

Anonymous said...


Good luck! HOpefully there is more than one egg hiding in that follicle!

You go girl!

Amanda said...

I hadn't even thought about 2 eggs in 1 follicle before (and hopefully no more than 2). Come on RUPTURE!!!