Friday, December 5, 2008

The Ugly Bitter Side

I just got home after a very long day. I am tired. Guess what my husband tells me, "Guess what, Kate's pregnant!" (Kate=SIL, married to DH's brother)

Me: Thanks for the fucking message. That just made today so much better (can you hear the thick sarcasm over the internet). If you hear about anyone else getting pregnant today, please keep it to yourself.

Seriously, breaking inside right now. When did they start trying, like June? Kill me now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Amanda. You need that big ole imaginary drink as much as I do. I'm so sorry. Family pregnancy announcements are so incredibly painful. And it's not like you can really avoid them, with the holidays, if you live near them. Ugh. Do whatever you must do to get through it.

Is it bad that I routinely put a bottle of champagne in the fridge at the start of the two week wait, so I can drink the whole bottle by myself when the cycle fails? I have a nifty stopper thing, so I can drink it over a few days.

PriClem said...

Oh Amanda;

I can so well relate to you digesting the messages about SILs!!!

All of mine have completed their second round of babymaking....and i am not even able to embark on my first one!!!

hey don worry...everyone gets there eventually....look at the bright side...we still have our wonderful, romantic hubbies and our time (as young) couples.....

If you've noticed....all those who got kids (however younger to us)...always talk bout their kiddies...and my....they sound so ...ol!!. family pic is similar to what you've posted in there...(with a hubby and a cat!)