Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Week

I've been pretty tired this week. It started with a disruption in sleep to go to the game last weekend. Then I had a bunch of deadlines at work so I came early and stayed late a bunch, including Wednesday when I had to be at the office to leave for a meeting at 6:30am. Normally, I wouldn't think much of all of this, but it causes me to stress out a little that I'm not getting enough sleep and defeating my goal.

And then Church. I have already been to church 3 times this week (I consider that to be a lot). I don't mind going, but it adds complexity to my schedule and wears me down a little more. Plus this week I gave Penance for the first time ever (as I was only baptized at Easter). I was pretty nervous about doing it and then I got in there and the priest didn't follow the format (they give you a little cheat sheet that tells you what you are suppose to do) so I was really confused. DH made me feel better since he said that caught him off guard too. Glad to have it done anyways. No church again until Sunday.

So, I've been so tired that I don't want to cook or clean when I get home. I'm feeling like a sucky wife this week because of that. No only that but I snapped at DH the other night. After I snapped, I wondered was it just because I was tried or did it have something to do with the Clomid... or Clo-mood.

I didn't really notice "moodiness" last cycle and this cycle I noticed that I'm a little more "dark and brooding" than normal. Tired or Clomid or just a little depressed? I hope it alleviates itself after I finish up the Clomid.

One Clomid side effect that did return this cycle was the headaches. Infact, just yesterday morning I was thinking, "Wow, I'm so glad I haven't had any of those headaches this cycle." Then, as I was driving into work a sharp, stabbing, splitting headache made herself known. Dammit.

I'm kinda jumping around here, but yesterday someone at work stole my opened bag of baby organic carrots from the fridge. They are not there. I even had someone help me look. I was busy and didn't get to lunch till about 1:30 and my carrots were gone. Who the heck would eat nearly an entire bag of someone else's carrots? What the heck. I seriously thought about going through everyone's office trash to find the culprit if I had to stay so late that I was the last one there. I didn't stay that late, and it's probably a good thing. I think I am going a little crazy.



Anonymous said...

It probably is the clomid. Every clomid cycle I did (all 7 of them), I would have wild emotions and mood swings. The funny thing is that each cycle, I would kind of forget that it was due to the clomid, and I'd have a moment where I would realize that clomid was the reason why I was crying for no reason at all.

Blame it all on the clomid. I hope it works for you though!

Celia said...

It is all Aunt Clo's fault. I would be pissed about the carrots no matter what though.