Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happier Anniversary

I've been more than a little blue today (no kidding!). I have told some of my IF struggles to one of my female coworkers... she's actually still a student and transferring to the University of Hawaii in January so I figure telling her is ok since I don't have to work with her for the next 30 years.

She knew I was really depressed about not ovulating and she brought me a present today. She needed to get rid of her plants and gave me her Pregnant Plant (it looks something like this in case you were wondering). It's intentionally ironic, but was a well intended gesture so it brightened my day a little.

However, by mid afternoon I was in the gutter again. On top of not ovulating, my hip REALLY hurts (from the trigger of course). I can't even pull up my pants with out it hurting. So I was moping around the office making my way towards the chocolate candy dish by our nosey secretary's desk... she sees me coming and says, "Looks like you're not having a good day." Yeah. I was on the verge of spilling my little infertile saga out, but then, I see a green van pull up and a guy get out with flowers. I think, "Oh, somebody's getting flowers today." Then I think, "Dummy, it's your anniversary, you're probably the one getting flowers."

And I was. I almost cried right there. I completely forgot that DH usually sends me flowers. It wasn't fancy or anything, but it saved me in a moment when I was at the bottom. I love that guy.

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