Wednesday, December 17, 2008

happy anniversary

Today is me and DH's third wedding anniversary. Our marriage is strong and we love each other very much, so much more than the day we were married. We provide together and work to make each others lives happier and more comfortable. The only dark spot black hole is this infertility.

Today is also what I will call the *Official* anniversary to when we started TTC. Originally it was suppose to be when I turned 25, but we bumped it forward a couple of days to the anniversary (because I was so impatient I couldn't wait that long). And I actually stopped the pill a few days before this because the package ran out and I didn't want AF here on my anniversary. I can't honestly remember what day I actually stopped the pills on or when the withdrawal bleed happened... I wasn't obsessively documenting everything yet.

But for lack of a better date, today is our TTC Anniversary. Happy Anniversary.

For the record we were on the pill some of the last year because I'd read about needing to have a full year's worth of folic acid before getting pregnant to prevent premature birth. DH was about a month premature so it seemed like a good idea. All in all, we have spent 7 months hoping, praying, and waiting for something to happen. I know that's not much to some people and I imagine it only gets harder from here.

So it is appropriate that I sit here now with a still unruptured follicle. Today can go both ways. My follicle can sit there and remind me that this may never happen. Or it could release the egg inside it and give me a little hope. Pregnancy is nice, but I'd settle for some hope at this point. I think other anovulatory girls will understand what I mean by that.

A part of me thinks it was meant to be today, which will make it all the more disappointing if it doesn't happen. I know the trigger shot can take a while so it might not happen till after I go to bed tonight. I just hope I wake up tomorrow with a temp shift.

Maybe today is my lucky day... I took an HPT this morning to test the trigger shot and pulled 2 tests out of a single box. I only use the $Tree cheapies, but if that's a good sign I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

Don't lose hope yet, it's still early!

For me it took about 2 days to get a temp shift. I got the shot at 9pm on a Friday ... no shift on Sat or Sun, but my temp shot up on that Monday morning. Later a positive progesterone test proved I did in fact ovulate.

Amanda said...

Unfortunately, and especially for women with PCOS, a thermal shift and good progesterone level do not necessarily equal ovulation. I'm pretty worried about LUFS right now (since I feel that it should have popped on its own already). Here is a handy-dandy link to explain for anyone that is unfamiliar with LUFS.

PCOS sucks, LUFS sucks, and IF sucks.

Anonymous said...


I take the second test as a sign.


Celia said...

Happy Anniversary!

Oddly I know to the day when we started TTC because it was the day of my cousins wedding. It will be three years in March. Yuck.