Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I got the shot

So I talked to Nurse N. She said come and get one if you want it. I was fine with that, but kept asking her if Dr. C would mind since he/we decided against it yesterday. She didn't seemed concerned and I wasn't going to argue with that.

I'm glad I told my boss what's going on with me at my year end review so when I walked into his office at 9:45 today and said I need to drive to the city for a drs appointment, he did not question it and sent me on my way.

By the way, it's still really crummy weather outside right now. It snowed last night and is doing more today and will only get worse as the day goes on, so I'm really glad I could come before it got any worse out there.

When I got to the clinic, I asked if I could watch the nurse mix the shot. I watched a video about mixing the shot on one of the manufacturer's websites and got lost, so I really wanted to see how this was done in case I have to do it again.

Well, I guess they only give 5,000 (units?) shots unless your doing an IVF (then you get the whole 10,000) so each vial set has 2 doses in it. They told me I could use the one they already had in the fridge or go get a new one and see how it's mixed. Since I wanted to see it mixed I went to the pharmacy, waited for 1/2 hour, and got a new one.

Then I get back and the nurse does it so fast and doesn't explain anything so there was really no point in all that. Although, apparently it was cheaper to buy directly from the pharmacy than the clinic. The shot cost $45 in case anyone was wondering.

Then when she injected me I think a bunch leaked out or something... There were drips down my back and I don't think it was blood. I was already worried that it wouldn't work and now I'm worried that I didn't even get the full dosage.

So, I got the shot approximately 11:00am and it's now 1:30pm and I'm starting to feel a little light headed. I take it that is due to the HCG. Maybe it will be ok.

I continue to plead with my ovary to pop that sucker. Maybe the popcorn I ate at lunch will inspire some ovulation.

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