Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I love/hate prometrium

I need prometrium. It's probably the best medication for me to induce a period... way quicker than BCPs and better success rate than provera. I can't complain about the flows I have on it either.

But, once I start that stuff up again, oh do I loath it.

It's during this time that I start really thinking negatively. Why am I doing this, why don't I just give up and file adoption papers? Or better yet, just forget about kids all together biological or adopted. It's never gonna happen. You're destroying yourself emotionally for no reason.

And I want to cheat... I don't really have to take it for all 10 days... my body probably wouldn't know any better if I only took it for 8 days. But the fear of having to repeat the whole script keeps me honest.

Oh, and the nipple pain.

But then AF comes and saves me. The best thing to happen when my cycle fails is AF. That seems sad, but that's just the way it is I guess.

Suggested prometrium catch phrases, please feel free to submit your own.
"Melts in your vagina, not in your hands."
"Not just for old ladies with hot flashes"
"Giving you your damned period since 1999"
"The progesterone supplement you can trust... to give you peach colored vaginal discharge"
"Progesterone supplementation, more fun than a transvaginal ultrasound"
"Why take provera when this takes twice as long and costs 10x as much?"
"Like your own progesterone, for that natural, bitchy feeling"


theworms said...

Love the tag lines, they made me lol.

Have a wonderful holiday.


Anonymous said...

hilarious catch phrases for prometrium...I haven't been on it, but I took natural progesterone supplements when I was TTC and I HATED the boob pain.

Amanda said...

This is Amanda and I'm at the inlaws and they have the slowest dial up ever(really). I can't get on to blogger, I can't do ICLW. I'm stuck. Anyhow, I'll get home Sunday night and update.

momofonefornow said...

Melts in your vagina-This cracked me up!!!

April said...

:) ah, progesterone. it is quite the lovely drug, isn't it...

the provera always worked better for me than the prometrium.

Golden29 said...

TO DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!! My dogs are looking at me like why I just exploded in to a fit of giggles.. but that really is some funny stuff

JadeyGC06 said...

I LOVE the catch phrases! They seriously cracked me up. I am taking prometrium for the first time this month. Do you mind if I copy and paste these?