Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Choo Choo!

Post Edited 12/12 :(

I'm rooting hard for all the girls cycling right now.

I hope a BFP train gets a going, and I hope it stops at me too, of course, but I'm still a way off.

I wanted to mention some of the things that I am doing differently this cycle to improve my odds.

1. Higher Clomid dosage (of course!)
2. Taking my metformin religiously at 6:30 am and pm EVERY day
3. The HSG
4. The acupuncture
5. No soy at all till I get to the LP. No soy milk, no edamame, no tofu.
6. We're going to try EOD until I get a positive OPK, then ED through O
7. By the way, I AM GOING TO O (if I believe it, maybe it will happen)
8. Cup of green tea every day
9. Staying away from the sometimes distressing IF boards
10.More prayer than last cycle... I'm newish to religion and it seems to be helpful.

I hope that helps. I'm putting 100% into this cycle.


emilythehopeless said...

sound like a great plan! hope that train stops for us!!

Good Egg Hunting said...

Here's hoping this is exactly the right formula for you and you hop on the train soon!

Anonymous said...

I right there with ya! Sounds like a plan to me, and prayer always helps ...more than you know.

Celia said...

Don't tell,but I was talking to my ovaries in the car last night. "Come on you can do it! Ovulate!"

Anonymous said...

2. Taking my metformin religiously at 6:30 am and pm EVERY day

You are my idol. I have been on that stuff for 2 years now and more often than not (today) forget to take at least ONE of my doses!

Good luck!!!

kMo said...

Amen to #9 ;-)