Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Xmas Vacation

Here are some highlights from visiting my inlaws:

-We took the cat. She did not like the car ride and I feel very guilty for making her go. She did love my inlaws oil vein heater and stayed infront of it the whole time we were there. Here she is cuddled between my feet on the ride down. Check out my awesomely coordinated Christmas socks and shoes.

-We went to mass and Father Dave gave another dreary and overall terrible homily about how Mary would have been told to abort Christ if she'd been pregnant today. Father Dave and priests like him are the reason that people leave the Catholic Church.

-At the end of church my husband's cousin's 2 year old projectile vomited over 3 pews, all over his mother and grandma and some innocent by standers. There are still times I'm glad I don't have children, and that is one of them. The family tried to clean it up but so much had already soaked into the pew cushion, so they flipped it over!!! Yes, that's right, there is a puke soaked cushion in a certain Catholic Church just festering. Gross. Don't feel bad for those by standers, they were a couple and the wife was clearly pregnant, I'm sure she'll get used to getting puked on.

-My SIL pissed me off. I tried to avoid talking to her much. Then on Christmas day she sat down at a table near me with a diet soda and said "I'm going to need a bunch more of these today." Ok, I know that you're never suppose to tell someone how to parent (or gestate) but there was a recent study that says smaller amounts of caffeine than previously thought will harm a fetus and increase the risk of miscarriage, so I couldn't help myself. I told her she shouldn't drink too much caffeine. She says back, "Well, my gynecologist says it's ok." So I say, "yeah, but this is a really recent study, your Dr. probably hasn't even read it yet." And then, with a lot of tone she says "Well, I'm sure if my dr. says it's fine then it is!" I hope everyone reading this understands where I was coming from. I was really pissed off by her. We didn't talk the rest of the trip, they left to go home while I was in the shower (and they didn't have to leave that soon).

-I emailed my SIL and apologized today... I'm not sorry for what I said, I'm sorry she took it the wrong way. But I'm still pissed. I told her in my email that I'd had a really bad month and spent more time crying lately than sleeping and was full up on hormones and am very sensitive right now. She wrote me back, but's it's clear that she didn't get it. She said some stuff like "I was wondering if something was wrong." Hey, then why didn't you ask me? It's not something I just want to start spouting out. She knew I was having infertility problems. And "You never congratulated me on being pregnant." No fuck I didn't congratulate you. I don't feel like it right now. Pregnant asshole.

-We had to leave the Christmas festivities to go back to the parent's house (we were at grandma's house) to feed the cat. This was after the SIL confrontation. I told DH I DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK OVER THERE. This of course started a fight. He just does not get what I'm feeling right now. I think he got it a little better after about 3 hours of me crying that night. At least I didn't have to go back, but I felt terrible and looked like shit the next morning (no sleep that night of course).

-DH's best friend came over before we left on Sat. He his wife had to work so it was just him and his baby girl. She was really delightful. DH's friend asked us to please have kids soon and preferably a boy so they could marry and we would all finally be family. I really like DH's friend, and I knew he meant well, but once me and DH were on the road and I let him know that was exactly why I didn't want to see his friends while we were down. I think my husband is starting to get it. We shall see.

-My odometer turned over 150,000 miles... I need a new car.

-I couldn't find Fluffy cat. My inlaws have some barn cats and there is one that I really like and I had my husband spay her and get her vaccinated last year so that she would be healthy and stop having kittens (they always die). She never came around. The only other two barn cats left were around. I got this pic of the momma cat sleeping in the manger scene... it kinda breaks my heart that they are not better taken care of. They get fed, but that's it... they are too wild to take to the vet. I hope the Fluffy cat is ok.


Celia said...

I have Think Geek bookmarked already for all engineer gift giving occasions. WOW. We are soul mates now. hee hee.

You know Mr. and I had our first married people fight about NASA. It was a total NASA throw down after I said NASA sucked and it should all be privatized cause it was a total waste of tax dollars. I had to apologize and eat sh*t and everything.

Celia said...

Also, wouldn't it have been a shame if that kid had yakked on Father Dave?

We had a miserable priest named Father Jerry(a real contributer to me switching to Lutheranism) he was always at our family parties like a big cloud. Being nice to him no matter what was a fine lesson in patience that really prepped me for retail.

April said...

wow! that's a lot to take in. what is wrong with SIL? seriously? arg!

here's to a better 2009! cheers.

Celia said...

I am gonna have to read this a few more times. "Pregnant asshole" is hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Protestants have those same kind of pastors as your priest. Last years sermon included my parent pastor suggesting "IF you don't know how to make babies I suggest you ask your parents how its done" Not quite the birds and bees opener many had in mind!

LOL at the little one puking on the pew...oops. Hope its the priest who found it! ICK.

Anonymous said...

This must be SIL from Hell week because this is the 3rd story I've heard today about crazy SILs.

Hurry up 2009!