Friday, December 19, 2008

Putting hope to bed

I imagined this u/s going both ways... like I expected or with her actually seeing a corpus luteum. I imagined that I would cry and ask for a picture of it (is it weird that I would be almost as excited about a CL as a fetus?).

It was a nice dream. I have a non-viable 29 mm follicle, aka, cyst.

On the brightside, it's not growing and I was able to start my prometrium before even dismounting the stirrups.

Also, my good friend Alcohol will be joining me for the holidays. He's a lot of fun and makes hanging out with the fertiles so much easier.

Better luck next cycle I guess.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that heart goes out to you. By the way you are soooo right, alcohol most definately helps when you're hanging out with the fertiles.

Celia said...

That sucks. I am so sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Amanda, I'm so sorry. I had so much hope for you for this cycle. Maybe the 5000 IU wasn't enough? Will they give you the 10000IU next time? My RE uses ovidrel, which is administered subcutaneously, so it's less painful. I'm not sure how it equates to urinary derived hcg though.

My acupuncturist told me that sometimes PCOS ovaries are covered with a thick waxy coating. She read about an herb (glidetsia I think it was called) that supposedly helped get rid of the waxy coating. I tried her herbs for a while, but they were expensive and disgusting. But who knows, maybe they help? I always envision my poor eggs trying to break through the walls of my PCOS ovaries.