Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ruminating on my Cyst

I'm a little obsessed with this thing.

We don't know when it formed. I did not have a baseline u/s this cycle, b/c they told me I wouldn't need one, and I was fine with that. So it may have been there at the beginning of the cycle. I don't think it was... I think that evil clomid did this... I have heard that clomid is pretty notorious for causing cysts. I don't think I'll ever get to skip a baseline now.

I wrote on my side bar "Giant F-ing Cyst," or GFC, but I know this is no giant... it's just 29 mm... but I like calling it a GFC. I know what a giant cyst is though. My mom had a softball sized one about 10 years ago. It twisted around 3 times, cutting off blood flow to her ovary and she had to have emergency surgery to get it out. This story sticks in the back of my mind and is why I'm very grateful that it hasn't grown anymore.

I'm being very careful right now to not do too much vigorous movement. I don't want any holiday emergency surgery for myself. I'm going to be in my husband's hometown. Their hospital reminds me of the one on South Park (Hell's Pass)... that sounds about right for down there.

I thought I had a cyst awhile ago, just before I started treatment, but I never had a u/s to confirm it. If it was there, it resolved by my baseline (there was fluid around the ovary which seems like a pretty strong evidence that I wasn't imagining things) and hopefully this one will too.

I feel this cyst all the time it seems. It is at least annoying if not painful. I don't know when I actually started feeling this one... again, was it there before the cycle or was it the result of evil clomid? Last cycle I felt so much activity on my ovary but there wasn't anything there on CD 17 (and interestingly enough, I felt all the activity on my left ovary, where the cyst is now) so I tried to ignore feelings from down there since they didn't mean anything last time... or so I thought.

Next cycle we've already planned lots of monitoring. My nurse always asks me if I want to do monitoring and I say no but then call up later asking for a u/s. So this time, rather than fight it, I'm just getting it done. Plus, I still have a dose of trigger shot and I need to use that up. IFs got me, no use fighting it anymore.

Also, there were some suggestions to try Femara. I'm getting there, but I figure that I have 2-3 clomid cycles left before I move on to that. Next cycle will be 100mg clomid again. So far my lining hasn't been bad, 10 mm last cycle and 9 mm this one. We'll keep monitoring it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your next cycle! I hope your cyst disappears fast. You're right, clomid is evil! Merry Christmas! ICLW.

Celia said...

You can call your cyst anything you want. I had a friend that called hers Cecil.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you will get plenty of monitoring next time. My 6th and 7th cycles of clomid were anovulatory, yet I felt so much activity with my ovaries, I was shocked when there were no good follicles. It's so frustrating. I'm sorry.

Andrea said... sorry about the cyst. Take it easy and hopefully that GFC will go away soon! Good luck with your next cycle and I'm glad you'll be monitored more closely.


Kara said...

Very best of luck and sending positive vibes your way.

Ahh, my old friend chlomid. I had never felt so close to being diagnosed with a mental illness. I had a really bad time with it.

Here's hoping you rock your next cycle.


Beautiful Mess said...

OUCHIES! I hope GFC goes away and you'll be feeling great soon.
Enjoy your day,

kMo said...

Sorry, I've been traveling a bit and without good internet access so I just got caught up reading all your posts! This sucks big time! I just finished provera last night so hopefully by tomorrow AF will visit and I can (finally!) start the next round. This totally counts as ICLW, btw.