Monday, December 29, 2008

She's a comin'

Oh, I think I can feel her (AF) already. As much as menstrual cramping sucks, it is reassuring to know that the medicine is doing it's job. Let the "running to the bathroom every hour to check for blood" begin!

It's that or I've got the damn stomach flu like everyone else.

I've had my suspicions about the prometrium. I've used it three times and bought it from 2 pharmacies. Both pharmacies are giant chain pharmacies.

Round 1 - Pharmacy A - Pills are somewhat soft to touch, no real side effects
Round 2 - Pharmacy B - Pills are Rock Hard, side effect: severe nipple pain
Round 3 - Pharmacy A again, pills and lack of side effects same as round 1

When I got the pills for round 2 and noticed how different they seemed from round 1, I immediately called both pharmacies to ask why their would be a difference. Both were well in date (many months till expiration). No explanations there. I called my RE's office and they couldn't help (they've never even see an actual prometrium pill).

Also, I was suspicious that I actually ovulated on my own right before I started my round 1 of prometrium. I can't be sure, but it may have happened and that means that it may not have mattered that I took the prometrium b/c I would have had a period anyhow.

I'm just always freaked that I could be getting bootleg pills. If AF comes like as expected, I guess I will just continue with pharmacy A since I didn't get the nipple pain side effects. If it doesn't, I'm calling my attorney general's office and the manufacturer. I promise to raise hell.

Here's my true suspicion: Pharmacy B buys counterfeit prometrium that is actually a cheaper drug that does the same thing (provera) and made to look like the real stuff. This would be fine (although very illegal) unless you were using it as a progesterone while pregnant, and then you could have birth defects from the impostor drug.

If anyone else has used prometrium (particularly the 100mg pills) do you remember if they were slightly soft to the touch, or did they just remind you of hard plastic balls? I think I should probably contact the manufacturer either way.

Update: According to the manufacturer they can be hard or soft. They were interested in the fact that I had side effects with the hard pills but not the soft ones and someone from quality control is suppose to give me a call.


emilythehopeless said...

i normally used provera because i have less side effects from it.. but the times i used prometrium the pills were soft.. very strange that you would get such different pills!

Anonymous said...

Its been YEARS since I used prometrium but I want to say the rounds I did do that mine were always soft.

My speculation w/the side effects is that you probably ovulated that cycle instead of the 1st and didn't realize it. Thus you had a higher amount of progesterone in your system OR your body simply absorbed the chemical better that round. I don't always have the sore bbs even w/high progesterone--even w/Bam-Bam my original P4 was 147 (very high) and I had no sore nips! You jsut never know what your body does!

It's good to be vigilant so I am glad you followed through!

Amanda said...

A worthy theory, Betty, not entirely impossible but still very unlikely since my u/s at CD 17 showed "no activity" (as my RE put it)... this one will just have to remain a mystery I guess.

If I ever ovulate again and have the same thing happen, I will have to reconsider your theory.

Anonymous said...

The prometrium I just got is somewhere in between soft and rock hard, but it's the 200mg. That's odd that there is so much of a difference. I'm glad you called the manufacturer. I hope you get some answers.

I hope that AF starts soon so you can get started on the next cycle! Is your doctor increasing your clomid dose since you didn't ovulate?