Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Cheers for AF

So after a bad night Friday, I was looking at a worse day for Saturday.

We were suppose to head to the Big 12 game in Kansas City and get there early to tailgate in the parking lot for 5 hours. I'm not a tailgater, but why on earth would you want to be out in December weather for 5 hours drinking beer? I kept bugging DH with this question and about the time we we're suppose to leave one of his friends called and said that plans changed, cause, yeah, 5 hours is a little long in December. Now only planning 3 hours before the game. So we got to leave a little later which was good cause I wasn't ready to go.

And I wasn't ready to go cause I felt like crap. Both because of Friday night and also because I expected Saturday to be CD 1 and my guts were cramping a bunch gearing up for it. I was a total stick in the mud. Even saying things to DH like "I just don't know how to be happy right now." I was just miserable (to be around).

But thanks to the extra time, I was able to get ready and we even got to go have lunch at a favorite restaurant. I went to the bathroom before we left, and there she was, good old AF, right on time. It completely changed my day. Sure, AF gave me a bunch of really uncomfortable cramps and added diapering duties, but she also brought a life preserver to save me from the misery of my last cycle and give me some new hope with the next. I came back from the bathroom a whole new person. Happy again.

Well, so far it appears planning still counts for something. AF came right when she was supposed to. Let's hope the ovulation I planned on CD 14 works out too.

So, by the way, we lost the game. bad.

Have you ever tried to change a tampon with 4 shirts on and a coat in a nasty stadium bathroom? I don't recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that AF showed her ugly face this month with you also, I'm about to start my 2nd cycle of Clomid, 100 mg this time as soon as AF stops taunting me (Neg HPT, but no AF yet).

Good luck on your HSG - I had one about 5 months ago and everything is supposed to be clear. I'm a new blogger -- but I will be checking back from time to time.

Amanda said...

No, AF is a good thing. I ain't going anywhere without getting past her. AF is the best thing that's happened to me lately.

The Wife said...

Yay AF! I'm still waiting for her to show up. CD31 now. HPTing tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! Now tell me how I get the image of you in the bathroom out of my head :)