Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's this, EWCM?

I always seem to get a little tripped up when I plan things. For instance, tomorrow is my HSG and the weather is trying to foil it travel plans. There is going to be some serious icing before tomorrow. DH has offered to drive me in his big truck which I appreciate, but I'm still worried.

I have never actually seen real live fertile CM, so I could be mistaken, but I just went to the bathroom and got a surprise. I cracked a couple of eggs earlier today (to make these Ricotta Pancakes) and the stuff I saw bears a stricking resemblance to EGG WHITES. Now, it's not stretching quite as much as I've been told it should, but I'm seriously thinking that I may be ovulating soon and an if it were any time before or during the HSG that would be a bad thing. FYI, today is only CD9... so we are definitely a little early.

I hadn't started OPKs yet, but I'm going to do one before I go to bed tonight. If by chance it is positive, I won't be able to tell if it's real or a false positive from the clomid so I will be leaving a voice mail at my clinic... I may need a u/s to make myself feel better about going ahead with the HSG. If it's negative, I will go on my merry way as planned, weather permitting.

No matter what, I'm stoked. Fertile CM, from me? No Way!!! Even if I'm not peaking yet, it looks to be a very good sign for this cycle.

Big updates tomorrow, stay tuned!

Mini Update
Is this a positive, cause it looks like it could go both ways to me. There is a part of the line that is darker, but it is very narrow, overall the line is lighter. I should have bought those damn happy face sticks!


Celia said...

Woo hoo! Very exciting!

Becky said...

How exciting!! I'd say that's a positive:D

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me! Good luck.

April said...

:) girl, that's positive!!

The Wife said...

It looks like a positive, but Clomid can give false positives. I'd go for the ultrasound before you do the HSG just to be safe. If you are O'ing have fun BD'ing like crazy!!