Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HIDA Scan '09

HIDA scans are about the most boring diagnostic test on earth... you can take a nap during one. Seriously boring, but that said, let me share the boring-ness with you.

I finally got checked in and left at the little nuclear medicine waiting room. A good looking guy comes in and tells me to drink some orange juice to pump up my veins. Really? Then why do they tell you no food or water... they could tell you it's alright to drink some water before you come.

And just as I was telling them I'd had one of these before, the nurse says she just looked me up and I already had one with an ejection fraction of 12%. Yeah, I know.

Here's the scoop on ejection fractions (to my knowledge). Healthy gallbladders apparently are above 35%, failing is considered less than 30%, and 12% is not so great. If you have a zero or something really low, heaven help you.

However since my surgeon would not take it out last year, I'm back to see if it's as bad as it was 9 months ago. Bottom line, the nuclear medicine staff were shocked that I still had a GB. They don't get repeat visits at 12%.

Lucky me, the good looking guy was doing my test, but my veins still sucked so they had the more "tenured" nurse stick me. They injected me with some radioactive stuff, put me on a bed, put a gamma camera over me and left me there for an hour. The gamma camera takes pics of my gallbladder filling up with radioactive dye.

After an hour, they injected CCK into me to stimulate the gallbladder and the camera takes pics to watch the gallbladder push the radio isotopes in my bile out. Then the software calculates an ejection fraction (I'm guessing it's simply amount bile pushed out over total amount in the gallbladder). Then it gets sent to a radiologist so that they can charge me more money because the report has graced his presence. Then my doctor's office gets the results and calls me. And imagine my surprise when my doctor calls me back before mid afternoon.

HIDA Scan '09 = 13.3%

So, pretty much the same. It appears that it's time for it to go.

To spice things up, I had the hot nuc med guy take pics for me. Isn't he sweet.

Here is the gamma camera all folded up... or lying in wait to pounce on me.

Here is the gamma camera positioned over me sucking the invisible life-force from my upper-right quadrant.

This is my liver. There is a lead bar with holes lying on it to calibrate the machine or something, that's why it looks funny.

My gallbladder is the bright spot in the center filling with radiation. Awesome.


Celia said...

MMM, my Mom had emergency gall bladder surgery in 92. The night I graduated high school. Good times.

After it came out she didn't have many problems unless she ate really fatty foods like French fries. But you eat really healthy.

You will probably feel so much better after it comes out.

Just think of the novelty of a medical procedure not involving your hoo ha.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for you.

My best friend had her gall bladder removed when she was only 24 years old, she just turned 29 and she's been fine ever since.

The Wife said...

The picture of you is pretty amusing. That's neat that the tech was willing to take pictures. I hope your surgery will go well. Have they said when it's going to be?

Amanda said...

First I have to decide which surgeon I want to use. I'm going to check on the status of the cyst and my RE's opinion about the surgery before I make any decisions.