Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I finished something

This is the post I intended to do yesterday. I've only had one more little "spot" since yesterday so still waiting and seeing.

But as to more important matters, the quilt is still far, far from being done, or even half way done. But I got another project and did it this weekend. I saw a bag kit on the internets the other day and was in love... I think the fabric really did it for me. Unfortunately, the website I ordered it from is out of stock, but it's this the Flea Market Bag and the fabrics are from the Grand Revival in case you were interested. And I even found a review of the pattern here (after I made it of course).

Anyhow, it was quick enough and didn't turn out half bad. Honestly, this is the first thing I have ever made from a pattern ever. And, I'm not ashamed to be seen in public with it.

On the plus side, it was a quick sew too. It took less than a day working on and off.

It's fully reversible, but I like the pink pattern side better than the flowery pattern so I planned for most of my mistakes to be on the flowery fabric on the inside. There is a pocket on the outside and on the inside. I have enough fabric left over that I will probably make a little makeup pouch and a tampon case (cause I ain't preggers and will need some soon).

The pattern had several options and I just made the basic bag, but I think I might try this again soon and make one of the optional bags.

So, at least I got something done on my BCP-TTC break.


Darya said...

Wow I'm impressed! I can barely sew a button! Great that you spent some time on a project and finished it! That's an awesome accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

That is super cute! I must go order that pattern. I have a couple of projects I have been meaning to start, but I've been so preoccupied with cat problems that I haven't worked on anything. You have inspired me to actually start and finish something this damn cyst cycle!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's nice! I try but my sewing skills aren't totally up to part. Your bag looks store bought.

Celia said...

Adorable! I can't sew. I failed sewing. For real.

That is so neat. I am just going to back away from you crafty people before I accidentally stab myself with a needle.

OMG the password for this is "ovula"

Celia said...

OMFG! This password is "nowerc"

WTF, even the internets knows I'm infertile. This is hysterical.