Monday, January 26, 2009

Little dramas

Nothing really going on right now... just little dramas.

I got my hard drive back... it's a partitioned drive and I don't know if they noticed that or not cause they fixed one partition and not the other and didn't say anything about the second still being broke (is it even possible to have one broke NTFS portion and not the other?). I don't know that I care cause I'm sure I got 98% of what I wanted in the fixed drive... I kept all my program files on the broken drive and all the docs, music, and photos on the other that is fixed. I can't really complain, it only cost me $25.

I was getting ready to go to my acupuncture appt the other day and had shaved my legs and was putting lotion on and realized that I hadn't shaved the tops of my feet or toes in forever and I was freakin big foot down there... As you probably know, when you get a u/s you get to keep your socks on and therefore there is no need to be so formal as to remove the unsightly hair from your feet. However, for my acupuncture appts, I have to pull my pants up to my knees and remove the socks. Seriously embarrassing that not only did someone (other than DH) see my feet in that condition, but he had to touch them also. Gross. I immediately pulled out a dry razor and whacked off the offending hair.

I got to my office hella early this morning to do some important stuff, but also cause we had a book club meeting at 7am and my boss told me he was going to cook oatmeal for the club ahead of time. Since he is no cook I offered to help. He was going to use water to make it... I'm an oatmeal snob and that doesn't fly in my book. So I mentioned my soymilk version and he thought it would be fun to make and not tell people what they were eating (I seriously doubt that any of this group is allergic to soy and have reasons to believe this in case you're worried about my co-workers having a soy allergy).

So I go to the grocery store this weekend and buy soy milk, almonds, more cinnamon, and apple butter for people to mix in. I toasted the almonds last night. Brought it all in and a pot to cook it in. I didn't bring the brown sugar with me cause I figured surely my boss would know to bring that.

My boss gets in 3 minutes before the club... no time to cook. Only brought a small canister of quick oats... no sugar. Nevermind.

He announces we will do it next week. Well guess what, with a little luck, I'll be cycling and won't be able to do the soymilk so I'm taking it home and not bringing it back. I'm not going to waste that stuff on people that probably won't appreciate it when I could just let it sit unopened till I'm ok to drink it again.

Also, I've seen a stray male cat out back of my house a few times. I started feeding it. I'm going to make it a little covered box to sleep in. My husband hasn't realized it yet, but we have another cat. I think I shall call him ALF. I'm going to the store to get more food tonight.

So there's my little dramas for the week. Glad to have little dramas to complain about and nothing big or truly bad.


Celia said...

Here kitty kitty....

I was really busy about a year and forgot all about my feet. We were having a family get together and Mr. saw my foot fringe. He exclaimed "You have hobbit feet"

No,No my sister has not stopped reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Alf...too cute.

Glad your drama's are only little ones!