Monday, January 12, 2009

My Planner

I have a little ritual. I like to plan things out and whenever I start a new cycle I make a little mark for CD1. I get kinda day-dreamy. I imagine CD2 or 3 and getting my ultrasound. Then I think about my meds which so far have only been clomid. I draw a little circle with a C in it on days 3 through 7. Then I count to day 14 and I put a little mark there to remind me that day is suppose to be special. Then I count DPOs. I see where 7 through 10 dpo are. Then I imagine making a 12dpo and 14dpo mark... I don’t yet, but I want to know where they are so that I can plan.

I do this over and over again. I recount the days a dozen times. I figure out where 40 weeks from the start of my cycle is. I double check it. Maybe I write that date next to the CD1 mark. Even if someone else looks in my planner, they won't know what it's there for. Only I do.

So the other day I was doing it a little differently. I marked day 21 since I'm on the pill. I put the number 21 in a little circle on Jan 24th. I looked back at this a little while later and thought, that's wrong... then I remember the pills and that's why I have a mark there.

So I imagine when CD1 will come after my pills are done. Which day will I get my u/s? I think to myself "I'll try for Thursday and not Friday since the RE isn’t usually in on Friday." Will I still have a cyst? I pretend it will be gone. I count the days. I get to CD 14 but I keep going because I know it won’t happen on that day. So I go to 15, then 16, 17, 18... Valentine's Day. I don't mark anything. I do not figure 40 weeks from CD1. There is no point.

I always make my marks in pencil so that I can erase them. There are lots of eraser marks in my planner.


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing, writing all of that stuff in, in pencil, in my calendar.

I hope the cyst shrinks quickly and that the wait to start the next cycle goes by very fast. Hey, you might get a baby conceived on Valentine's day!

The Wife said...

I do the same thing but in iCal. It's not much but I feel like counting the days makes it easier. I use to countdown to everything and now I find myself counting up.

I wishing along with you that the 24th will come quickly and I'll be sure to pray that everything is ready for a new cycle for you.

Ironic - the word verification is 'fulti'

Celia said...

I generally lose track of my cycle in the middle. My blog is actually the only thing I use to keep track of the day.

Anonymous said...

Charting makes me feel better, it makes me feel like I have some sort of control. I even made a nice colorful custom chart in Excel w/ stars, hearts, and happy faces.

If I actually showed it to someone I'm sure they would think I have way too much time on my hands. It helps me so that's all that counts.