Monday, January 5, 2009


I feel nauseous all the time lately. No, this is not morning sickness and no, I don't think I have the stomach flu coming on.

TMI warning.

So far this year is turning out to be very similar to last year. Right at the start of January, I started feeling sick all the time. I never threw up, but I just kept feeling sicker and sicker. Then at the end of January I finally made a Drs. appointment. Then about 36 hours before the appointment, I was up all night on the toilet with the worst diarrhea I have ever experienced along with gas, chills and abdominal pain. I believe that I was experiencing a gall bladder attack. A very nasty one at that.

Blood tests were fine. Beta was negative! I had an ultrasound and it didn't show any stones. And it didn't seem to be set off by fatty foods which is common with GB problems. So I gave up, but at Easter I had another attack and it was bad.

Gall bladder attacks really suck. You feel like you want to die for a couple of hours to a day. If I didn't know what it was, I'd have my butt in the ER. But since I think I know it all, I don't feel like going down to the ER during one of these episodes to have diarrhea in a public bathroom when all I want to do is lie in the fetal position with an electric blanket I end up staing at home and then my dr gets pissed at me for not going in.

So after that attack I got a ct scan (normal) and then had an HIDA scan that I failed miserably. I believe that you are suppose to get a 30% to pass and I think I got a 12%. That basically means that my gall bladder sucks. Also, when they stimulated my GB it felt like a mild attack. So my Dr. sent me to a surgeon that "wouldn't pussyfoot around and just get out."

Well, the surgeon doesn't like taking GB's out of 25 year old women. He wanted me to get a more dangerous procedure called a retrograde endoscopic ultrasound with sphincterotomy (which has a high incidence of pancreatitis regardless of age and other complications). He doesn't take much stock in HIDA scan results. He did agree to give me another u/s since his machine was better than the previous one I used and it again showed nothing. But it's not uncommon for the u/s to look fine and the sac come out filled with stones according to my dr.

At my wit's end I asked if I could see a gastroenterologist and got booked for a regular endoscopic ultrasound (where I got to have the most fun HPT that I ever took). That too showed nothing. And when I met with the guy (who is an old fart that should retire) he told me that it can't be my GB because the pain is where my GB is actually located... if it were my GB it should be in the middle of my abdomen (your GB is on your right side near the bottom of your ribs). He told me to take Prevacid for a few months even though I told him I didn't have any acid problems, and he made me cry. I wouldn't have taken them except he did give me some sample pills.

He assured me that Prevacid had no side effects. Bull shit. I was much more tired shortly after I started taking them, and after week or two in, me and DH noticed pink stains on my toilet bowl (but not DH's toilet in the other bathroom). This was because I was crapping out iron. And it was causing me to be anemic. I was probably crapping out calcium too since prevacid lowers the amount of acid in your stomach and makes it harder to absorb ph dependant minerals.

So I didn't go back to that guy again and quit the prevacid. My PCP was baffled since this was a no brainer in his opinion. The only thing keeping me from finding another surgeon and demanding it get taken out was that some people experience permanent, nearly constant diarrhea after having their GBs removed. Not glamorous.

In addition to all of this me and DH were doing the TTC thing I was worried if I did get pregnant (haha) that it would pose a bigger problem since lots of pregnant women have GB problems.

But really I stopped having pain and nausea and attack the end of summer, so I kinda ignored it. But now, I think I'm headed towards another attack. Joy.

I have a new PCP (there's a whole nother story) and I made an appointment to see her tomorrow. This son of a bitch is coming out. I'm not doing this anymore. I'll take my chances with the diarrhea.

Which gets me thinking, what if they have to go in and remove this cysts? That's a laproscopic surgery... so is GB removal. What if I could have them done at the same time?! I'm not sure how we would work it out, but it could be done.

Now I'm wondering how long does this cyst have to stay on me before they go in and get it.


Anonymous said...

Ohh...I feel so bad for you. I hope you get some answers soon. Don't hesitate replacing your doctor if you don't feel right about your treatment.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, that sounds awful. Good luck with the new doctor. A friend of mine had her gall bladder taken out in her twenties and felt so much better afterwards. She said she had no idea how much pain she was actually in until it was gone (if that makes sense). She did have the diarrhea problems off and on for about a year after the surgery, but now she is fine.