Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Cycle

AF just arrived and right on time. Happy 2009, Good Clomid Cycle #3.

Also, I'm feeling good about the status of the GFC. It gave me quite a bit of pain yesterday... once while standing next to my boss in front of the copier. I did a little move and he thought I was upset at the copier. Then later last night, I was laying on my left side on the couch, asleep watching a dumb movie and I was woken up by stabbing pains on my left ovary. Once I shifted on my back (and the dumb movie ended) I was better.

I have a full day planned for tomorrow. I left a voice mail at the RE's clinic to get a scan. I hope we can schedule that about 10am or so cause I have a hair appointment (with my pregnant stylist) at 11:00 and then I get my eyelashes tinted. Then lunch... then maybe some time killing shopping. Then acupuncture for infertility at 1:30! Starting it up... I'll really have to work hard to get multiple sessions per week, but I'm committed.

Later today I will be tossing out what's left of my beloved soymilk since I will be trying to go soy free again until ovulation (or confirmed failure).

FYI, according to my nurse the other day, we (I don't know why I think that should be plural and not simply 'I') will be doing 100mg clomid again... I think I will check trying 150mg. I really doubt that I will get anywhere on that since I got a cyst and more clomid might only make that situation worse and we can't know that if I didn't have the cyst, would I have ovulated on 100mg or not. But I will ask.

I'm also going to ask about doing some blood work. It doesn't seem terribly important at this point, but I really need to have my kidney functions tested anyhow since I never did that after starting the metformin. I think if it were affecting me by now I'd know it, but better safe than on dialysis.

Here's hoping the third time's the charm. *Rubs three leafed shamrock tattoo for luck and crosses self*


The Wife said...

Good Luck! I hope this one is the ONE! I'm on CD9 right now so I'll only be a little ahead of you.

Good Egg Hatched said...

Sending you lots of good vibes for this cycle!

Celia said...

You are running ahead of me! AF is in hiding. Hopefully it is not one of those 70+ day cycles. Good luck!

The Fertility Acupuncturist said...

I think that avoiding the soy milk and all soy products is a good idea. Soy is hard on the thyroid and is a fertility inhibitor. Check out my soy report which also has a resource list where you can learn more about the detrimental affects of soy on the body, particularly fertility.