Saturday, January 31, 2009

Off to a shaky start

Since the start of my period, I've had a terrible headache that just wouldn't go away. It didn't seem to be caused by anything (not sinuses or caffeine), the only thing I can think of is the stress from worrying about the cyst. Well, I'm better for now at least.

So last night (Friday night, CD3) I come home and moped around due to my head, lay down with the cat for awhile, force self up to fix dinner. Husband suggest watching movie and since we haven't watched one in a while, I give in. Get done with the movie, get ready for bed, kiss husband good night and yell "OH CRAP."

I freaking forgot to take my clomid. Ok, so it was just after 10, so it's not like I ruined the cycle or something, it's just that I could have kicked myself for not taking it earlier. I'm very type A, especially about the infertility stuff. I've barely been able to think about anything else for the last year and I finally get 150mg of clomid and almost forget to take it! I blamed this on my husband, naturally, since I'm sure I would have remembered if not for the movie.

They tell you to take it at the same time every day. I already had a 8pm alarm programed into my cellphone (I didn't have it enabled yet), but now I will be staying up extra late to take it. I have a strict 9:00pm bedtime so this may induce additional grumpiness.

Different topic: I discovered at least one file is still on the part of my hard drive that is not fixed: My BBT spreadsheet. It's not that I really need my old BBT charts or that I couldn't make a new one, but I'm too uptight to not be upset about loosing part of my records, which isn't even really true cause I do have print outs of all but December (which will probably be depressing to look at again). Maybe I should just let it go.

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Celia said...

Oh that crappy, but at least you took it. Maybe 9-10 you can do nice things for yourself like take a bath or eat a pint of ice cream(oops! who typed that?) or blog?