Sunday, January 4, 2009

On the pill again

Things look like normal. There is a little purple, vinyl sleeve of pills sitting on my alarm clock, trying to get me to remember to take them again.

I was kinda pissed when I went to pick them up from the pharmacy (Pharmacy A). There was some other pill than I was expecting in the bag... I can't remember the name, but they were the generic of Yasmin. I remember hearing that they were going to start producing a generic in 2008, but I was pretty well done with the pill at that time and didn't think about it again.

Well, there they were. I requested that they give me the brand name since the price difference between the two was only $8. Silly me, I thought a generic of a BCP was actually suppose to be cheaper. Were talking $59 for Yasmin and $51 for generic. No thanks. Now if it were like half price or something then I would try it.

Today, I'm starting a new project. I'm feeling crafty. I've got my new sewing machine and I spend half of my Saturdays watching Fons and Porter and those other PBS quilting shows. So, I've decided to try my first quilt. Just plain blocks, nothing fancy. The colors will be pink, brown, and oranges. Yes, it does sound tacky doesn't it. It will be awesome.

It was just going to be a little sample project for fun... something cat sized. Now it's full baby quilt sized. I don't know how this is going to turn out, but I'll post pics of whatever comes out, no matter how bad.

I've also lined up a couple other crafty projects, but more on those later. I have a feeling that I will be much more productive since I'm not TTC for another 21 days (hopefully that's all).


Celia said...

Are you going to post pictures?

The Wife said...

This sucks! I'm sorry you have to go on the pill again. I hate waiting for the stuff to happen (that I can't control).

I've always wanted to try quilting. I'll see how you do (post lots of pictures!) and then maybe try something on my own. We'll see.

Good Egg Hatched said...

I am so glad you found a project. Please do post photos!