Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something Good This Way Comes

I'll spare you the suspense, THE GFC IS HISTORY!

Thank you all for your well wishes and encouraging words lately!

Now for everything else:

The u/s tech was sick today so Dr. C did my u/s himself. My u/s tech usually has the lights dimmed and just kinda pushes the wand till it finds the right place (slightly uncomfortable, but it spares her having to really look at my privates). Well, Dr. C does not do things that way... he took a good look at the outside of my "hairy monster" and touched the lips a couple of times before putting the wand in. Weird. I can't imagine what was so fascinating and this is the second time he's given me a u/s. I'm very self conscious now (but not sure about what yet).

He was totally toying with me during the u/s... he knew I wanted to see that left ovary, so he starts on the uterus, then he goes to the right ovary and I think he could tell I was getting upset. So he says, "I already took a peak and it's gone." I said back, "I'm going to be very upset if your wrong." Well, he wasn't. There was something that looks like it might be left over from the cyst, but nothing big. ALL CLEAR.

I get dressed and wait for him to come back for the regular appt. I don't know how long it lasted but he talked for a long time and I barely got a chance to ask him my questions. I think the final verdict on the cyst was that it was just altogether weird. He really wanted me to do 100mg clomid again... actually he wanted me to go back to 50mg since I've been on the metformin for 3+ months now and he thinks I might respond at that dose now. I told him I wasn't walking out of there with a 50mg script and he would have to give me the hard sell for 100mg cause I wanted 150mg. So after the triplet talk and such he agreed to 150.

We discussed the gallbladder thing, even though the cyst is no longer in play, he said that if I get it taken out at his hospital he would like to step in and take a look at my reproductive parts when I get it done. So he gave me names of surgeons he works with and I'll work back around to the gallbladder thing towards the end of the cycle (since I'll likely have a new cyst and have to sit out next cycle the way things are looking).

Since were still scratching our heads about my response on the 100mg of clomid he wanted me to come in for monitoring early... well apparently not that early. We decided on next Sat (CD 11) since he'll be doing the scans that morning anyhow.

I am so happy and relieved right now. I smiled all the way home. I am so blissfully happy right now. But then I thought, oh crap, if I'm this happy now, how much is this going to suck when it doesn't work out. Oh well, still grinning like a fool for now.

My motto for this cycle is "Something Good This Way Comes" (Jakob Dylan). I made a sad mix cd in the depths of my misery from the cyst. The other day I forbid myself from listening anymore right now and put together a new more upbeat mix and Mr. Dylan's songs heads the list.

I'm glad my 100th post is good news and not more crap.


Celia said...

Hooray! Goodbye and good riddance GFC!

The Wife said...

Yay! No more GFC! Doesn't it seem like so long ago when you had to take the break? Good luck with this cycle! Ha!

The Wife said...

btw, yay! for the 100th post. I think mine is tomorrow.

Good Egg Hatched said...

So glad you got the good news today! Hope 150 mg is the winning number!

Anonymous said...

YAY for you! Negotiating got you 150mg! I hope it's your magic number!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy that the GFC is gone! Yay for the 150mg of clomid too!