Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Hey, well, first you may have noticed the new header. (If you're on Google Reader you gotta come over here for real and check it out!) I've been meaning to do something that makes it look more like I actually try with this blog stuff.

I need to organize my blog list side bar and will try to do that later. I've added a bunch of blogs to my reading list. Also, I generally don't list the prego girls, but I do enjoy some pregnancy blogs, so I will have to organize accordingly.

And, I did the acupuncture today. I let my guy know that I have a cyst and was preparing to cycle next month, but not entirely sure that it will happen yet, so if I just stop coming in, don't take it personal.

Today's session was really relaxing. At first I couldn't hear the music playing in the clinic very well, but I kinda floated into a calmer world by the end of the session and it was like I could hear the music really well and almost feel it. Also, it felt like the heat from the heater traveled from my torso out towards my limbs. It was good. I wish he would have left me a little longer.

Last, remember my poor, dead computer? Well, I tried to salvage the hard drive on my own and didn't get anywhere. So, I'm paying the pros to do it for me. Luckily I didn't keep too much embarrassing or top secret info on my computer. I hope they can recover it.


Darya said...

I'm glad you are doing acupuncture. I found that after a few sessions, it really started to relax me. I've had many cysts in the past and they usually go away within a month of BCPs so hang in there.

Good luck with your hard drive.

The Wife said...

I like your new header, very cool. You're pretty brave to do acupuncture! I'd never be able to do it. I don't even like getting massages. I hope everything goes well with your hard drive recovery.

Anonymous said...

I love the new header too. I'm glad the acupuncture was relaxing. I loved the heat lamp thing!