Thursday, February 12, 2009


So this morning, 97.4.

Yes, it went up, a little. Perhaps I'm a slow riser? Or maybe I've got LUFS or a Luteal Phase defect!

I was really hoping that the timing was just off yesterday and that's why the low temp, but two days in a row and it appears that there is something else going on.

Well now I'm really, really glad I got that u/s now. So I don't have to be freaking out that I didn't ovulate and I've got another cyst on my hands, and because if I get my P4 done and it's a really crappy number, we will know that I probably have a real problem here.

But now I'm sad again. I wanted to ovulate AND get pregnant this cycle and this scary BBT chart is not helping my confidence any.

Here's my ugly BBT chart so far.


Shannon said...

Step away from the thermometer!!! Some people are just slow risers. You ovulated!! Be happy!!!

Amanda said...

You'll have to pry my thermometer out of my cold dead hands! jk.

I knew that was coming. But now, I really have to see if it gets up there. I took a B6 this morning and I'm hoping it helps.

Anonymous said...

Give it a few more days before freaking out. The good thing is that you had the u/s and you know you did ovulate.
I can't not temp either. I need to gather all of the information possible and then worry about it.

Good Egg Hatched said...

From my understanding, both the fact that you are PCOS and the fact that you took Clomid make BBTs unreliable. I really think the important thing is that you ovulated, which is a great sign, and maybe it will be easier for you if you take yourself off the BBT-taking hook? Either way I hope you get your BFP.