Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad Karma

I have relocated my flowers to one of our wedding gift vases so that I could use the cheapy vase to put some flowers in for my grandmother. My tulips look much more sophisticated in this vase and they are much straighter today and opening up just slightly... so another picture is called for.

Today we are headed south to visit my Grandma (hence the flowers, you're better off if you bring her something)... and then we're stopping by my brother's on the way back to see the baby. I figure best to see the baby now than in a few days when I may not be able to look at one without crying. And then later, I'm planning on going to Adoration. I did it last week and enjoyed it, so I think I should continue to go.

But for my post today, another little story.

So I'm intrigued by my acupuncturist. He's a relatively good looking mid-30-something. He's mentioned his kids before, but never his wife. He's a cool guy. He immediately recognized my Sigg bottle and complemented me on it, and he used to be a vegetarian, and I'm pretty sure he's as much a liberal hippie as me. We have some pretty good conversations while he's poking me up.

While I'm waiting on him I usually talk to his receptionist, if she's there (she's not there on the weekend). I usually talk with her about my IF (since that's what I'm there for). She mentioned being interested in charting and such. So I asked her if she had kids: No. Ok. So I mention "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" of course.

So, talking with her again the other day and we talked about IF again and her wanting to chart and I asked her, "Are you married?" "Oh yeah, I'm married to S (the acupuncturist)." Oh, ok, had no idea. Not something one should assume IMO.

And a few side notes about the receptionist, she is gorgeous. I envy her hair. She's a redhead and has long wavy, non frizzy hair... "Celtic Maiden Hair" if you will. I'm a partial redhead with frizzy hair that only gets worse the longer it gets. Totally jealous. Plus, she's really sweet and seems genuinely interested in my problems. You know, a good human being. If only I could be like that, but I digress....

Ok, I've been semi giving her advice on how to get pregnant while her husband tries to get me pregnant. (Ha! I've been dying to type that, it sounds hilarious to me, yes I'm quite juvenile at times). Since I know he has a couple of kids (I'm guessing from a previous marriage) and I'm telling his wife how to chart... whoops, I'm meddling in someone's marriage all of a sudden! That's got to be bad karma.

I seriously meant no harm, but I've already promised to bring her my copy of Taking Charge. I find this kinda funny, but now I'm seriously worried that I've put baby yearnings into a marriage where they may not be wanted. Amanda, learn to keep your mouth shut!

This guy puts needles in me, yikes!

My next appointment is Monday... I guess I will still take my book, but I feel like I need to apologize or something now... I probably wouldn't have offered if I had known.


Celia said...

The flowers are so lovely. My Mom is also easier to deal with if you come bearing gifts.

That is awkward with the receptionist. I don't know what I would do.

Darya said...

Your flowers look gorgeous! You are not pathetic sweetie. You are a social fun girl who wants more friends she can relate to. Nothing wrong with that.