Friday, February 13, 2009

I am so lucky

I just got my Valentine's Day flowers. I didn't think he'd send me any this year since V-Day is tomorrow. They are tulips (cause those are my favorites).

My secretary asked me what I got him cause last year I told her that me shaving my legs was his present (I think I was still pretty pissed at him being gone while I ovulated at this point in time). I told her I got him some candy when really my Follicle Check and Post Ovulation u/s's were my real gifts to him. He's more than ok with this of course.

Is it kinda funny that my Valentine's Day gift to him involved someone other than him putting something in my vagina?

Ok, quick 2WW question... do you think it would be a good idea for me to avoid orgasming, you know, in case of uterine contractions that could inhibit implantation? Am I being silly, or do you think I'm right to be cautious?


Celia said...

Mmmmm. I would say that when you are as deeply paranoid as we are, maybe wait? But I cannot imagine it would really hurt, otherwise some RE somewhere would have told one of us not to?

The tulips sound lovely. I can't get flowers anymore because the cats eat them and then barf them up. Nice. Nothing says romance like cat yak.

Darya said...

Beautiful flowers!!! I don't know about the 2ww question but my gut says orgasms are ok. I wouldn't mind hearing the final word on that though. Happy Valentine's Day!

Amanda said...

I agree with both of you... it's probably ok, but I'm super paranoid, and it's something I can live without for the next week or so.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!

I checked with my doc when we started trying and he gave me an A-OK on the orgasms (cause what would the fun of trying be otherwise?!) :)

WannaBeMommy said...

I know this is pretty after the fact, but I have heard from many different sources that orgasming during sex is GOOD for implantation...if i find resources on this again ill send them to you if you like!