Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was wrong!

OMG, I did it. BBT be damned, the stupid trigger actually worked.

Ladies, I have arrived in the 2WW! Finally.

(FYI, the thermal they gave me is much clearer, but the scanner I used sucks)

I actually learned a lot about CL's from my u/s tech. The u/s machine has some color coding features and it showed blood flow/vascularization around the CL (it's actually on in the photo, but since it's black and white you can't really see it). They call this vascularization the "Ring of Fire". Ha, there's a burning ring of fire in my loins.

The difference it made in my mood between thinking I was anovulatory again and learning I freaking did it was well worth the cost of the u/s. I cried out of happiness on the way back to my office.

I actually got my u/s before my emergency anti-contraceptive acupuncture so I spread the good news at my acupuncturist office. My next acupuncture appt won't be till next Monday when I will hopefully have an embryo implanting.

Something Good This Way Comes.


Dear God,

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Yay! That is great news! Nobody at my RE's office gives a damn about bbt, and maybe they are right. I know that after I've triggered, it can take several days for my temps to go up, and it always nearly gives me a heart attack.

Welcome to the two week wait!

missing_one said...

Yay! *happy dance*

The Wife said...

Yay for ovulation! Welcome to the 2WW! It took 48 hrs for me to ovulate last time, so I was pretty sure you were golden.

Celia said...

Hooray! I am humming the Rocky theme song for you and your uterus!

P.Q. Apple said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic news :)

Darya said...

YAY!! That's wonderful! I hope your 2 week wait goes by fast.

Good Egg Hunting said...

Welcome to the 2ww -- this is so encouraging! Wishing you many wonderful distractions and good news on the other end.