Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm pissed

at my husband.

He reminds me the other day that he is going out of town to hunt this weekend.

First, *this weekend* um, at least he's not out hunting while I'm ovulating like last year, but I'm a little emotional and the timing is just not good.

But that's not what I'm really upset about. I started questioning him about this hunt last night. Turns out it's practically a canned hunt. He insists it's not, but oh please. They pay $60 each and pheasants are "released" to be hunted on this farm. (Hey paying customer, why don't you try looking for the pheasant over there!)

I'm ok with him deer hunting because he bow hunts and we have a deer population that needs to be managed around here. Even as a vegetarian, I understand that one. Plus, my husband has never actually managed to bag a deer, so it just gets him out of the house for a while and no harm done.

I'm less ok with him turkey hunting cause it's with a gun and I'm less concerned about turkeys causing accidents than I am about deer. But I allow it and last year he actually got one. His aunt fixed the meat and at least I didn't have to see/smell/cleanup any of it. But then, I found his stash in the garage... he'd cut off the tail, legs, and beard and hid them in the garage. I let the cat have her fun with them. I let him know that no more dead animal trophies were allowed in our home.

And I really hate that he hunts small birds that really cause no harm and probably don't need their populations managed such as pheasants, quail and doves. First, I don't understand why people would want to do all that butchering work for the tiny bit of buck shot meat you get (by the way, squirrel is popular around here and I apply the same argument... my husband does NOT hunt squirrels, thank God). I really like those birds... it's pretty cool to me when you see a quail run across a county road.

The only good thing about the bird hunts around here is that they encourage conservation and habitat creation to attract the birds. Believe it or not, the birds actually benefit as a species for being hunted... but canned hunts where birds are brought in are not the same thing at all. Just plain old wrong.

Anyhow, I let him know that I hoped that he didn't get anything and he had better not bring anything home if he does and that he was inflicting some seriously bad ju-ju on this cycle. I also reminded him that people get shot hunting these birds (didn't Dick Cheney shoot his good friend in the face on a quail hunt?).

Now I have to worry about him, while being pissed about what he's doing, while all alone and going out of my freakin mind. I cannot think of a proper punishment for this.

I didn't test this morning, but I will tomorrow morning, all alone. My temp recovered today and then some, so I'm feeling pretty good, but still pissed.


Michelle said...

First I wanted to say from what I remember about temping, that sounds really good if it went back up like that! I really hope things work out for you this cycle.
I also feel the same about hunting. It's a big thing around here and it really bothers me. People here add squirrels & rabbits in that mix and I really don't understand it. I kinda understand the reason behind the deer hunting, but I witnessed bad last season and it just all doesn't sit well anymore. Just sickening.

Anonymous said...

That must be really difficult. I can understand why you are upset. I'm awfully glad that my husband isn't a hunter because I don't think I could deal with that. I'm a vegetarian for ethical reasons, he is one for health reasons, so we have different motivations, but the same result. I just can't handle the idea of killing things when it isn't necessary for survival. It just breaks my heart. And yeah, canned hunts are just awful. Horrible.

I'm glad your temp recovered!

Darya said...

I don't know what to say about the hunting because it's something I really don't agree with and nobody in my family nor my husband are hunters so I've never had to deal with what you are dealing with. However, I can relate to my husband doing things that I don't approve of/wouldn't do myself and I know it sucks but it's ok once in a while. We can't change everything about them but we can slowly teach them why our path is right and theirs is not. Maybe you can work on your hubby so he doesn't do such trips in the future.

(((HUGS)))) I will be praying for you to get a positive !!!

Hillary said...

I think I just learned more about hunting then ever before!! I can understand your frustration, I don't think I would be too happy about it if my DH had that hobby. Maybe watch a move your DH wouldn't want to watch and eat ice cream? :)

I am sooo anxious for you to test again!