Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been keeping a secret

I know I promised to stop BBTing, and I truly meant what I wrote when I wrote it, but then the day wore on and I just couldn't handle the thought of not knowing what was going on. I mean come on, this is my first "real" LP and I couldn't miss the chance to see how it develops. Perhaps you have mistaken me for someone with self restraint.

So I have continued to quietly bbt. And I'm glad I did. After the initial shakiness, I had a really great looking chart... in fact, I believe I had a tiny estrogen surge with corroborating CM (aka "implantation dip" although I refuse to call it that) and then it turned triphasic with a vengeance. Look at it, it's beautiful:

I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have that 0.1 degree dip on CD22 had I not been sleeping with my mouth open that night... I closed it for a few minutes before temping, but I have to wonder if that's not what that tiny dip is from.

Forgive me for holding this info back, but I really didn't want to make too much of it as it was happening. I can barely handle knowing things looked as good as they do. My hope level is reaching a new high and I'm have trouble allowing the outside world to see me like that. I'm seriously dying to pee on something right now.

Actually, getting my progesterone level the other day kinda took me down a notch. 17.6 is good and normal and even average for pregnancy according to Dr. Google. At this point even average is a downer comparatively. Yes, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense. I just have to remember that even when things look good, they don't always turn out that way.

I know that my chart doesn't necessarily mean a thing at this point, but it's built me up and soon I will have to face the music. Breathe in. Hold it.


Shannon said...

Yeah, I was one of those telling you not to chart before, but to be honest, I totally plan to chart this month. I just want to see what a "normal" chart looks like!

Celia said...

I don't speak "chart" but I am glad it looks good.

I don't want to sound like Pollyanna, but I really believe you have an excellent chance this month.

Michelle said...

I found your blog through a google search on PCOS and have followed for a few days and I just wanted to say hi and say that it really looks like you have great chances this month. I really hope you get good news in a few days! I hope you don't mind me reading and stopping in to say hi....Good luck!!

The Wife said...

That chart does look mighty interesting. We'll just have to see how it continues to develop. ;) I forced FF to show an ovulation for me yesterday. No, I'm not addicted at all!

Dianne said...

Yay normal chart for you!!! I never had the patience to actually get to a normal one!! good for you!